Privacy Policies 

Privacy Policies
The privacy policy of is the way of access to data protection and privacy to fulfill its duty under the laws and regulations. The privacy policy is applied to your personal data which is processed by our team, either in physical mode or in electronic mode. Our team is committed to treating data privacy seriously. So it is important to know what we exactly do with your personal data.
               Actually, we process your personal data for your further requirements. Our team plays the role of data collector when we collect the data from you and process your personal data for your convenience. Our team is committed to protecting your privacy and for this, our team is continuously reviewing your personal data handling process to ensure the abidance of law and regulation of privacy policy.
                             The information we discover and assemble from you either personal or anything else, we use this data to register you on our website, a way of verification of your identity to allow you to use the website, your identity verification permit you to easily use our website and also process your payment easily. The personal data about you help us in communication with you and impart our offers to you, and also help in our services and updates related to our website. In general, we use your personal data to maintain your service with us. We also use your personal data to know your experience of using our site and also improve our website service for your use.
                      We get and store in information which gives us during the use of our website. But you can also choose to not provide this information to us. In this case, you might not able to use our website. We generally use your personal data to open your account. to process your transaction or to communicate with you.
                               Our privacy policy is the way to get your information and secure it. Here we are committed to protecting the personal data which is in our custody. For the protection of the personal data from unauthorized access, deletion. the alteration, transmission, and from third-party we take reasonable steps to stop these issues. We protect your data by using encryption protocols also. Along with we use a multi-layer control system through which we monitor the whole system and provide a wide range of security to your personal data. We never share data with any third parties which is against the law of privacy policy. In case of any issue, we take steps and delete or permanently de-identify your data that is not for our use.
                            We realize when you use our website and you have authority over your personal data. This authority allows you to assess your data and correct the error or otherwise. In the overall event if you are not satisfied with any of our terms or with our responses or have any type of unsolved concern. You can contact us to solve your issues through the means of