Shipping & Return Policy

Our website has the best shipping and returns policy. In this way, our website serves our customers.

We made our shipping and return policy terms so easy and comforting for customers.

So that they feel convenient to buy goods from us.

Shipping policies:

1. As you complete your payment, your order is confirmed
2. After 24 hours of your payment is done, your order is dispatched for delivery.
3. We provide you the tracking number for your order after 24 hours of the confirmation of the order
4. We charge for shipping. The charge is as per your order and you place where you want the delivery of your goods
5. We always deliver the goods on time, But in case of late delivery we are not responsible.
6. In case of no delivery of your order, we shipped your order once again after 21 days but the shipping cost is chargeable

Return policies:

1. You can cancel your order very easily, just by sending on email
2. You can do cancellation of your order even after your payment is done. You get your refund within 15 working days
3. Returning should be placed within 24 hours of your ordered delivery
4. We only accept your order for return when its packaging is in the same condition as before
5. After receiving your return, your refund is processed within 10 working days
6. Return charge is paid only by the customer