Shipping and Return Policies
Shipping and return policies is the face of any website. Because it is the comfort any website provide to their customers. Our policies may be similar to other websites but we provide better services and policies only for our customer’s comfort which we keep in center before making our policies.
Shipping Policies
1. Orders are confirmed within a day after receiving of payment.
2. Purchased orders are dispatched as soon as the order is confirmed.
3. Our website provides you a tracking number as our website is tracked in many postal addresses, so that you can easily track your order on your own.
4. We also provide you invoice of items you bought, shipping details etc.
5. We try to deliver your order before the projected date.
Return Policies
1. You can cancel your order if you want and you get your money back within 7-8 days after the confirmation of cancellation of your order.
2. If your order is dispatched, then you can also cancel your order and get your refund, but if you received your order you must return it as it is.
3. Return is only accepted when the product is not used or not opened by the customer otherwise it is not.
4. Return charges apply and it is the responsibility of the customer.
5. Return should be done within the 2 days of receiving your order.