Short term effects of Tramadol

Since nineties tramadol is very popular medicine in treating pain. Tramadol is prescribed and non-prescribed medicine of opiate class. Tramadol belongs to the class of heroine but heroine is schedule 1 class drug and tramadol is schedule IV class drug, so tramadol is considered as safe drug to use. Tramadol is effective in treatment of mild to severe pain including pain after surgery, pain of Arthritis, pain due to accident. As it is a medicine of opiates group it have dependency nature when you use it for a long time continuously.  So tramadol is prescribed by the doctors for a short period of time.
⚛️ Short term effects of Tramadol
 The working process of tramadol is very unique, it modify the process of pain signals between between the nerves and the brain. Tramadol target the nerves which is forwarding the pain messages between nerves and brain, and provides relief in pain and sometimes help in changing mood of the patients. Tramadol is well known for its two important properties that is calming effect and unique pain management way.
           Like other opioids heroine, codeine, tramadol also binds to the opiate receptor of the brain and spinal cord. These receptors are responsible for both pain relieving effect and creating euphoric effect. But like other opioids heroine, codeine, this drug is less potent and less abusive in nature. So it is safe drug  and also prescribed by the doctor to use as a drug. Tramadol when taken by mouth it become more effective in treating pain because after swallowing tramadol converted into another component named o-desmethyl tramadol which is more potent activator of opioid receptors then tramadol which is taken by injection on nasal cavity. One more important mechanism of tramadol is, it works like antidepressant. Tramadol increase the level of neurotransmitter serotonin and norepinephrine in our brain and help in reducing depression effect of the patients caused due to excess pain in the body.
⚛️ Short term side effects of Tramadol
⏺️ Dizziness
⏺️ hallucinations
⏺️ Difficulties in falling asleep
⏺️ Constipation
⏺️ Rashes
⏺️ Rapid heart beat
⏺️ Lack of coordination
⏺️ Diarrhea
⏺️ Loss of appetite
⏺️ Sweating
⏺️ Dry mouth
⏺️ Nausea
⏺️ Difficulty in breathing
⏺️ Agitation
⏺️ Fever
⚛️ Short term positive effect of Tramadol
⏺️ As tramadol is a painkiller, it reduces the pain within half an hour after taking it.
⏺️ It  also helps users to feel relaxed and calm, as it reduces the anxiety producers in the brain and change the chemistry of brain.
⏺️ Tamadol also works like a antidepressant, so it create a euphoric and well-being feeling in the users mind.

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