Tramadol and seizures

⚛️ Seizures
Seizures is related to disturbance caused in the brain. Seizures is an unusual and uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain. Seizures affected your behavior, movements of the body parts, feelings and consciousness level also. Seizures sometimes converted into epilepsy when anyone have  a more seizures or have a recurrent seizures at a time. Seizures are of many types which is categorized by its auperity and where and how it begins in our brain. Most seizures last for minimum 30 seconds or maximum 2 minutes. But if a seizures last for 5 minutes or more than it is a medical emergency.
                     Seizures are very common it can happen after a stroke or a closed head surgery or due to infection such as meningitis  or due to other reasons also. Seizures disorder can be controlled with medication. Seizures have a very bad impact on your daily life and on your health and body also. Now there are many medicines through which you can control seizures and its side effects.
⚛️ Tramadol
Tramadol was launched in 1977 under the name tramal. In the mid of 1990 is it was approved in UK and US. From 1990s to till date users of tramadol in UK and US are increased day by day. Tramadol is mainly a painkiller and always used to treat pain of moderate to severely moderate type. Tramadol is a controlled medicine which have narcotic effect and can produce a euphoric effect in our mind and makes us feel relaxed and stress free. Tramadol is an opioid pain medication use to get relief from post surgery pain, cancer pain, arthritis pen etc. Besides of pain management tramadol is also used to treat high blood pressure and other problem. Tramadol is taken by mouth for the immediate release of the pain and it’s onset action start with in 1 hour. Tramadol is available in two forms that are :
1. Extended release tablet : It is used to get relief from arthritis pain and chronic type pain for a long period.
2. Immediate release tablets : It is used to get relief from pain due to accident, cancer pain, post surgery pain etc. These types of pain need immediate relief and for immediate relief we need immediate release form of tramadol.
⚛️ How tramadol cause Seizures
Long term use of tramadol and those who uses tramadol for other than medical purpose without any doctors prescription have mostly suffer from seizures which caused due to excess use of tramadol in non medical way. Tramadol after intake stimulates the brain receptors and block the pain signals and also makes our brain and body to work slowly. This is the main effect of Tramadol in our body after intake. When we forcefully stop excess signals in our brain then it influence the nerve cells to send abnormal Signals. And a seizures occur with our brain’s normal signal breakdown and impulsive electrical signal start. Due to this impulsive signal a person lose their consciousness and his muscles start contracting. Range of seizures depending on how much our brain is affected and where it begins in our brain. Mainly seizures caused when tramadol triggers your consciousness level, loss of bladder control and shaking of the body.
               Uses of tramadol normally feel less asperity of seizures in the starting phase. If any users of tramadol feel seizures than they first stop using tramadol and consult with the doctors. Because less asperity seizures can be treated easily. When this seizures attack becomes recurrent and converted into epilepsy then it is very difficult to treat. It is better to consult with the doctor in its starting face. Don’t use any other medicine or don’t try any treatment procedures on their own.

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