Tramadol is used to treat back pain

Tramadol is a pain reliever for medicine. Tramadol is mainly used to treat moderate to severe pain including back pain of acute or chronic type. Tramadol medicine is a synthetic form of Codeine but this medicine is less abusive than other opioid drugs. So tramadol is greatly used by many people as a pain reliever in the whole world.
⚛️ Possible side effects of Tramadol
⏺️ Agitation
⏺️ dizziness
⏺️ hallucinations
⏺️ drowsiness
⏺️ headache
⏺️ stomach pain
⏺️ vomiting
⏺️ diarrhea
⏺️ constipation
⏺️ fast heart rate
⏺️ loss of coordination
⏺️ fever
⏺️spinning sensation
⏺️ seizures
⏺️ nausea
              There are some more possible Side Effects than above. Side Effects vary from person to person. Some people can easily digest the effect of tramadol and only feel mild symptoms like vomiting, nausea, headache, etc. But some people are very sensitive to this drug and feel severe side effects of this drug. So be careful in using tramadol.
⚛️ Drug interactions with Tramadol
⏺️ Tramadol easily interacts with alcohol and increase drug effect. So better don’t use tramadol with alcohol.
⏺️ Tramadol interacts with the medicines treating anxiety and depression. Combining these medicines with tramadol is very harmful to your health.
⏺️ Tramadol is a very active medicine it easily interacts with antibiotics, antifungal medicines, HIV and Hepatitis C medicines, antipsychotic medicines. So before using tramadol consult with the doctor in order to get proper treatment of your back pain.
⏺️ Tramadol easily interacts with the MAO inhibitor and causes severe side effects on your body. So don’t use tramadol and MAO inhibitors at the same time and also don’t use tramadol till 14 days after using MAO inhibitors.
⚛️ Back Pain management
Back pain can be of two types
⏺️ Acute Back Pain: It generally occurs suddenly because of tissue injury or inflammation in muscles.
⏺️ Chronic Back Pain: This is the rigid type of continuous pain. It affects badly an individual well life and body function.
                       People mainly suffering low back pain which is very effectively treated by tramadol. Tramadol actually a centrally acting medicine. It acts on the central nervous system and brain to treat the pain. Tramadol is a synthetic opioid medication that is analgesic in nature. It binds the mu-receptor
 of the brain and central nervous system and stop the message of pain coming to the brain and forwarding it. And it also contains one-tenth of morphine which gives a calming effect to the brain and gives a relaxed feel to the patients. Due to its working process, it is considered as a safe drug with low potential but it is abusive in nature and dependency may occur after using tramadol for a long period of time.
⚛️ Way of using Tramadol
⏺️ Do not change your dose daily.
⏺️ Use tramadol as your doctor prescribed you
⏺️ Maximum doses –  1 or 2 tablets in every 6 hours
⏺️ Maximum daily dose – 400 mg
⏺️Do not take more than 8 tablets daily
⏺️If you miss your dose any day then continue it at your usual time

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