Using Tramadol during Pregnancy is safe or not?

Pregnancy is the most important period for every woman which is pleasurable or very stressful too. Pregnancy causes a variety of physical and physiological changes in the women body due to a change in hormones. Pregnancy changes the mood of women very easily and also cause other problems like headaches, backaches and muscle cramps, etc in the body. For this type of problem, many women use painkillers on their own without consulting the doctor or sometimes without knowing the actual details of drugs many women use high potent painkiller also which belongs to controlled medicine group like tramadol, hydrocodone, etc. But they don’t know how much these drugs harm their unborn on newborn babies.
As tramadol which is used by most of the person is an opioid painkiller used to treat moderate to severe pain, typical pain or surgery or injury pain. Though tramadol is less potent and less abusive nature drug than other opioid drugs like hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Morphine etc. But it is harmful to the newborn or unborn babies. Women who are using tramadol during pregnancy or who intended to use tramadol during pregnancy, pre-pregnancy, post-pregnancy can cause serious health risks to both the mother and her unborn or newborn child.
Tramadol is one of the most prescribed medicine for chronic type cancer or arthritis pain, to get relief from post-surgical pain, to treat any type of pain which is not treated by non-opioid drugs. Like other opioids, tramadol binds with the brain opioid receptor and promote the flow of dopamine so that we start feeling well. Tramadol mostly used as a prescribed medicine in a low quantity, but in a low quantity for a short period it causes side effects  that are:
✔️ Stomachache
✔️ Depression
✔️ Rashes
✔️ Muscles and joints pain
✔️ Headaches
✔️ Loss of coordination
✔️ Nausea
✔️ Vomiting
✔️ Agitation
             Normally this is mild Side Effects which arises at low and regular doses of Tramadol use. But, if a pregnant woman starts craving for these drugs more and more all the symptoms can worsen and show severe problems and may become life-threatening to both mother and their unborn baby or newborn baby.
Effect of Tramadol on your baby
The Food and Drugs Administration classifies the drugs on the basis of safety during pregnancy, they categorise these drugs from category A which has no rusk to foetus to category X which can cause birth defects or death of the foetus. all opioid drugs including tramadol belong to the C category which means it can cause a problem during pregnancy.
Normally, health advisor advised not to use tramadol or any other painkiller medicine during pregnancy. So, it is better to use alternatives of tramadol which is advised by the doctors. Tramadol is an addictive drug it causes addiction to develop foetus or harms the developing foetus. Even in low doses of tramadol can cause neonatal drug dependency, because of tramadol abusive nature and also sudden discontinue of drugs can cause withdrawal symptoms in a newborn baby. So better consult with your doctor If you are using tramadol during pregnancy post-pregnancy or before pregnancy or don’t stop sudden use of tramadol during pregnancy. Whole pregnancy periods are very crucial so if you are using tramadol consult the doctor for the sake of your unborn or newborn baby.
Tramadol and Breastfeeding 
It is not clearly proven but when you are using tramadol at Higher doses than it can be excreted into breast milk and passes to the body of a newborn baby and cause the various problem to the newborn baby. Infants who are taking tramadol through breastfeeding show some bad health sign that are:
✔️ increase in sleeping time
✔️ sedation
✔️ limpness
✔️ difficulty in breathing
  So consult the doctor If you are using tramadol and breastfeeding both at the same time.
️ Alternatives to taking Tramadol while pregnancy 
Tramadol is not the only option as a painkiller there are so many drugs like over-the-counter drugs which can be used in the place of tramadol and safe to use like NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like Ibuprofen and naproxen, etc which is less harmful than tramadol. Women who are searching alternative for painkiller on the internet they first stop doing this and consult a doctor for their problem during pregnancy or before conceiving a child and also after pregnancy
 With all these drugs women try to avoid using any types of painkiller during pregnancy and just try natural remedies for pain management. As everyone knows women have to face any problem during pregnancy like headache, back pain, muscles cramp, etc so they use either NSAIDS or natural remedies for these types of pain management. These natural remedies are:
✔️ using heating pad
✔️ do some light exercise
✔️ take a warm bath
✔️ eat a balanced diet
✔️take some massage therapy
✔️ attend prenatal yoga classes
 Take proper care of yourself during pregnancy or before conceiving a child or after giving birth to a child, If you are using tramadol.

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