Xanax interaction with alcohol

Trade name _ xanax , Xanor , Niravam , Others .
Dependence liability _ High
onset of action _ Less than an hour
Duration of action _ 6 hour
Routes of Administration _ By mouth
Excretion _ Kidney
Drug class _ Benzodiazepines
Generic name _ Alprazolam
  Alprazolam was made in 1971. It is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders.
After that in 1981 United states approved this medical use. This medicine is available as a generic medicine So that it is also available at a low cost and anyone can easily use this.
In the United States in 2017 this medicine was the 21st most commonly prescribed by the doctor over the 25 million prescriptions.
 How it works
Mainly Xanax is used to treat short term anxiety disorders, specifically panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorders.
This medicine is prescribed by a doctor to used in the symptoms of anxiety, panic disorders, and depression.
Xanax used by many people singly or combining with other medicine also Xanax belongs to the drugs the causes of benzodiazepines whose interaction with alcohol or other opioid drugs like Tramadol, Hydrochloride, etc . are very harmful to your body or health.
When people take Xanax, the effects start quickly, but Xanax doesn’t work for a long time in our body. Xanax is a widely used drug all over the world. when we take Xanax our brain goes to slow down and reduces our feelings of stress and panic.
Blood Strom reaches peak levels within 1_2 hours after taking Xanax. when the use Xanax regularly tolerance level of this drug is increased in our body. So, we need more and more drugs to reach the same level of effects.
Possible side effects of Xanax when we taking
1 . When people take Xanax blood pressure is low
2 . Our mouth is dry
3 . Maybe you gain weight or loss weight
4 . Sleepiness
5 . All-time some headaches
6 . Heartbeats are irregular
7 . Pregnant women should not take Xanax,
      old people should also not take Xanax
8 . Dizziness
9 . When people take Xanax all-time in
10 . Muscles cramp is caused by contraction
        of the muscles
11 . A decrease in oral liquid intake may be
       due to nausea or loss of appetite
12 . Diarrheal
13 . Manic depression
14 . To difficulty in walking memory problems
 Interaction of Xanax with alcohol
The chemical name of alcohol is ethanol is a psychoactive drug. Other effects of alcohol
produces a mood-lifting and euphoric effect,  decreased your Anxiety, helps in increasing Your Sociability, Sedation, Memory, helps in decreasing your depression of the central nervous system.
When Xanax and alcohol consume together their side effects are dangerous. Their individual effects are enhancing.
Increase the side effects of both substances when taking Xanax with alcohol.
The presence of alcohol in alcoholic drinks is the main ingredient to increase the maximum concentration of Alprazolam in the blood Strom.
It Breaks down in the body both alcohol and Xanax. The liver also needs to work harder. Xanax and alcohol also affect your body muscles.  When Xanax and alcohol consume together people are always in aggression, hostile behavior.                                        Alcohol affects mood in a variety of ways as well.
1 . This medicine may contain inactive ingredients,  which can cause allergic reactions or other problems consult with your pharmacist for more details.
2 . Women do not use Xanax when she is pregnant. Xanax can harm babies. For pregnant women Xanax very harmful.
That is mix up with the blood and breast milk and cause an undesirable effect on infants whom the lady is carrying in their worm or breast feeding their babies. Women should not breastfeed while she using Xanax.
3 . Generally people should not consume alcohol while taking Benzodiazepines.
4 . Before using Xanax consult your doctor.
without prescribing medicine is not taking.

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