Xanax long term use and it’s effects

Brand name – Alprazolam, Xanax XR, Niravam
 Alprazolam/Xanax is a drug that belongs to the group of benzodiazepines class. The Other Drugs which belongs to the same group are diazepam (valium), clonazepam (Klonopin), lorazepam (Ativan), and others. Xanax is a very powerful drug that is used to treat anxiety, depression, and panic disorders. Xanax is only recommended for 6 weeks for use by the doctors due to its high potency. Xanax works in our body by changing the effects of Gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain. This GABA is a neurotransmitter that inhibits the activity of the brain. As we know anxiety and other psychotic disorders causes due to unreasonable activity of the brain.
↔️ Using and abusing Xanax
A person suffering from anxiety, panic disorder, depression will look into the medical field for support and relief you are advised to use Xanax by a physician or doctor because it is a very powerful drug and it starts improving your condition very fast. But some of the users use Xanax for a longer time or uses larger doses for better results and this is the point where people get addicted to this drug. When a user tries to decrease the dose they experience withdrawal symptoms also. So Xanax is a very powerful and dangerous drug and users must use drugs under the doctor’s advice for the right result.
↔️ Long term use
 During the treatment then Xanax is used for a long time due to this long period of use of Xanax our brain forgets how to respond effectively in the absence of these drugs. And Xanax starts controlling emotional responses, our brain thought process, memory, consciousness, and also our muscular coordination. p
Persons who are using Xanax for long period or using larger doses become addicted to this drug very soon and have worse effects on the body also. Long term use of Xanax has other side effects also that it cause disruptive mood swings which sometimes result in violence, aggression, or hostile behavior. Xanax also cause low appetite which leads to weight loss. There are so many more side effects of Xanax which is very harmful to our healthy body and healthy lifestyle.
↔️ Effects of Xanax on the brain
 Xanax which belongs to the benzos group affects our brain in bad ways to decrease the coordination of the brain with other parts or organs of our body. Our brain starts to fail in its proper functions. Due to this the users have trouble speaking and maintaining their balance at a time. An individual is not able to concentrate on any work or project when they are using this drug. Besides this Xanax sometimes start damaging the brain cells of the users also. After that, if the user uses Xanax continuously then our brain’s way of function also starts to change. Users get irritated easily when Xanax is used in excess amounts.
                      Xanax is high potent drugs. Before start using these drugs, every user needs to consult the doctors and know the effect and drug interactions related to the drugs. Don’t increase your dose on your own, it may be life-threatening, and don’t stop using this drug on their own, it also causes a problem for the users. Xanax is a prescription drug that is only limited to those who have anxiety or depression related problems only on doctors advice.

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